patzr radio sixty-five - Youngest Billionaires Of 2014

January 10, 2017

episode sixty-five / back to work for a week and weary / re-read Dick & Zelazny's Deus Irae / more beer than coffee


patzr radio sixty-four - a little bit higher in the price point

December 31, 2016

episode sixty four / tinfoil, bathwater, sea, traffic, matches &c &c & / 2016 was an awful year but then again, aren't they all? / history, a nightmare from which we're trying to awake, right?


patzr radio sixty-three - ANY VEH ANY VEH

December 21, 2016

episode sixty-three / red lentils, dark beer / my stereo still boxed after all these months / shout out to the kid i saw sat outside some bullshit shop in the mall earlier, cross-legged & deep focused on a paperback


patzr radio sixty-two - untitled [back yard, near sunset]

December 11, 2016

episode sixty-two / back yard at dusk / corvids - rooks, mainly, i think - circle, neatly, regularly / wind, a cyclist heading home, sirens in the distance


patzr radio sixty-one - St Josephs’ Private Car Park

December 1, 2016

episode sixty-one / dull museum ambience and an easy affection for the hum of trains / on beers and Itadaki Zen / no, in short

! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by phaedra candles; phaedra candles is Jimmy Kipple Sound & the Anerley Park Posse ! ! !


patzr radio sixty - there is legal way to transfer US21.3m to you and we split it between us.

November 21, 2016

episode sixty / the airport at sunset / glad of the frost though i could use a new jacket / more and probably unjustifiable acquisition of books


patzr radio fifty-nine - Near and Visible Object

November 11, 2016

episode fifty-nine / it's not that i have faith in small things, i'm just captivated by them, distracted / disturbed sleep, periodic numbness, the pit of your stomach / things you can't untie /


patzr radio fifty-eight - HALF HEAD COLOUR

November 1, 2016

episode fifty-eight / slogging through some Platanov between work and home; almost getting it, mainly not / thin hoodie in sharp evenings / distracted but not enough, really


patzr radio fifty-seven - crows

October 22, 2016
episode fifty-seven / some crows were cawing in almost-identifiable notes / but several crows sound like one million crows or just a backyard full of crows / finally reversed and stretched the crows and that seemed to generate an appropriate crow-level / while still able to pull some notes out into proper dissonance / plus some light moss-walking and the resonance of a metal railing for context


! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! !

patzr radio fifty-six - untitled [Monkseaton Metro, Monday morning]

October 12, 2016

episode fifty-six / drops, harder to isolate than in a Tarkovsky picture / i have this theory that he reuses the same dripping sounds again and again, but maybe it's just Soviet Foley and fuzzy mics? / for Bill, i guess, if he'd want it, which i doubt