patzr radio seventy-two - Totally managed beverage

March 21, 2017

episode seventy-two / "Terry was sitting in his flat in Islington." / the wrong kind of pub quiz / bit parts in bad movies


patzr radio seventy-one - FAVOURITE PRODUCTS

March 11, 2017

episode seventy-one / breaths, clicks, rumbles, compression artifacts / an 881% increase in electricity usage / Yevgeny Zamyatin died eighty years ago, yesterday


patzr radio seventy - Task & Finish

March 1, 2017

episode seventy / still frosty some mornings / on the twenty-second anniversary of the incorporation of Yahoo! / Italian translation of 'a surge of optimism' /


patzr radio sixty-nine - significant over-capacity

February 19, 2017

episode sixty-nine / anxiety dreams - things not done, responsibilites unfulfilled - just before waking that linger intangibly at the back of the mind all day / simple-enough but convoluted maths questions sent unexpectedly on a Sunday morning / reading Babitz & Erickson & Nguyen/Yosinski/Clune / ! ! ! all apologies to the first two downloaders of this episode, who got a super-low resolution version 'cause i didn't check me audio converter settings; in many ways such errors and accidents are the defining aspect of this project but * s t i l l *, right? ! ! !


patzr radio sixty-eight - Tally Isham

February 9, 2017

episode sixty-eight / things missed, things stewed / futility and repetition / a seemingly interminable sequence of bad decisions


patzr radio sixty-seven - but we genuinely believe that all retail channels can and will continue to co-exist

January 30, 2017

episode sixty-seven / the quiet miracle of Ibuprofen / "Nicholas Roeg's Blade Runner" / the first shot in the Seinfeld episode The Limo is of a plane marked with Trump insignia


patzr radio sixty-six - touring the glass factory-2

January 20, 2017

episode sixty-six / A sequel of sorts / A second exploration of the long two-storey glass factory and its hums / from within my coat pocket

! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix ! ! !


patzr radio sixty-five - Youngest Billionaires Of 2014

January 10, 2017

episode sixty-five / back to work for a week and weary / re-read Dick & Zelazny's Deus Irae / more beer than coffee


patzr radio sixty-four - a little bit higher in the price point

December 31, 2016

episode sixty four / tinfoil, bathwater, sea, traffic, matches &c &c & / 2016 was an awful year but then again, aren't they all? / history, a nightmare from which we're trying to awake, right?


patzr radio sixty-three - ANY VEH ANY VEH

December 21, 2016

episode sixty-three / red lentils, dark beer / my stereo still boxed after all these months / shout out to the kid i saw sat outside some bullshit shop in the mall earlier, cross-legged & deep focused on a paperback