patzr radio ninety-seven - — really how information is, what,9 shared among –

November 26, 2017

episode ninety-seven / "The decimal unicode number representing the latin lowercase 'a'" / "We find evidence of burial rituals and skull cults throughout the Fertile Crescent." / "The year 4000 may indicate a change of his numbering system; it is not a misprint."


patzr radio ninety-six - click soup

November 16, 2017

episode ninety-six / strange futility, first thing / "You've gotta  have to have more communication, I guess," said the resident. / numerous investors


patzr radio ninety-five - there to give them the trends they crave

November 6, 2017

episode ninety-five / at the onset of a cold / the uniquely dystopian art direction suggested by seeing a glossy David Icke advert on a bus stop / disputing the eloquence of damaging fruit


patzr radio ninety-four - Practical Commercial Precedents

October 27, 2017

episode ninety-four / somebody requested the copy of Oram's An Individual Note that i've had on loan for about a decade [i was worried they'd throw it away if it was on the shelf, so just kept renewing it] / i have a paperback copy i found in the Amnesty bookshop that i lent to my friend but i think he thinks it was maybe a gift at this point? / whatever; both of these things are fine


patzr radio ninety-one - untitled [The Damp Outside, 240917, ~1020]

September 27, 2017

episode ninety-one / rain / by Murray's Monument & The Dark Outside's temporary radio transmitter on a particularly wet Sunday morning / recorded beneath a dripping... gazebo, i guess?


patzr radio ninety - private diagonals

September 17, 2017

episode ninety / work something of a blur / forlorn stock fading in unattended windows / tiny blue plaques marking the addresses of servicemen killed in WW1 a punctuation of futility and despair


patzr radio eighty-nine - untitled [drainpipe &c 010817]

September 8, 2017

episode eighty-nine / i struggle to imagine getting tired of the sound of running water / or the strange tubular snap-back reverb of plastic drainpipes for that matter / gulls i can never quite make my mind up about... {oh, & apologies for slightly over-shooting the 10 day window on this one; work innit, though, equally, a tiny bit of my own innate distractedness. Anyway I think i've pretty much posted within the 24 hour window so i think we're still effectively on schedule}


patzr radio eighty-eight-b - The sower Arepo holds with effort the wheels

August 28, 2017

episode eighty-eight-b/ anyway, a bank holiday is an ideal day for a bonus episode / but i've been a little fixated on 88 anyhow - it's two double loops, right? - so made these episodes as two [uneven, ungainly, unseamless yet seamless] loops that loop / so this episode and