patzr radio fifty-six - untitled [Monkseaton Metro, Monday morning]

October 12, 2016

episode fifty-six / drops, harder to isolate than in a Tarkovsky picture / i have this theory that he reuses the same dripping sounds again and again, but maybe it's just Soviet Foley and fuzzy mics? / for Bill, i guess, if he'd want it, which i doubt


patzr radio fifty-five - कॠणॠडली चेक करें

October 3, 2016

episode fifty-five / picking stickers off long remaindered hardbacks / stumbling through questions at work & on TV / dullest of dull headaches and vague dental anxiety


patzr radio fifty-four - The name Samantha tastes like bubble gum

September 22, 2016

episode fifty-four / i almost cried twice today, oddly; equinox emotions? / 4 Clips complete with 8 screws. / There are 100 days remaining until the end of the year.


patzr radio fifty-three - Honour thy error as a hidden intention

September 12, 2016

episode fifty-three / early-morning run to the top of primrose hill revealed the maintenance workers / guy sweeping apologized when he saw I was making a vid / it turned out to be the best aspect of the view / layered and looped and paulstretched, and from a distance resembles breathing

! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend, otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! !


patzr radio fifty-two - untitled [Wetherspoons, skateboarders, traffic management systems]

September 2, 2016

episode fifty-two / i work 'til eight most Fridays and i'm always kind of delighted by town's atmosphere as i head home / something slack, loosened something rich and easily excited / people relatively aimless, quiet streets, buses quarter-full


patzr radio fifty-one - gravity-like sensation

August 23, 2016

episode fifty-one / still packed-up, aimless frankly / spilt coffee, spilt beer / glass smoothed by the sea over years, decades


patzr radio fifty - Mango 4 kilo / Keitt

August 13, 2016

episode fifty / waiting for the floors to be fixed / Adjusted Margin and Leap Year / grubby little device / ☄ ☄ ☄


patzr radio forty-nine - Respectful Flag Disposal

August 3, 2016

episode forty-nine / assuming the landlord is how they appear, most everything of ours in myriad boxes / Learning to Die in the Anthropocene at the back of my mind, somewhere / Right click and do "save as"


patzr radio forty-eight - a flower for Bobby Fischer

July 24, 2016

episode forty-eight / sounds gathered at Bobby Fischer's grave / Laugardælir churchyard near Selfoss, Iceland 08 June 2016 / a small, quiet place with no one around / suddenly, two grave-diggers appeared, ancient and adolescent, and with heavy shovels and picks got to work in the back / snipes diving above / and a dandelion left ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr, recent visitor to Iceland, & long time kipple friend otolythe. [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! !


patzr radio forty-seven - touring the glass factory

July 14, 2016

episode forty-seven / walking around a glass factory / some piano / some found drones ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by special guest patzr & generous supplier of train station field recordings Matt Nix [soundcloud] ! ! !