patzr radio eighty-seven - Magnetic Fields in Irregular Galaxies

August 18, 2017

episode eighty-seven / TINY SOUNDS, BUT SOUNDS . . . OPEN DARK DITCHES IN THE FACE / i was encouraged to think that the book about Lenin's embalmers i bought would be a lot funnier than it is; it's mainly sad with a dash of grim absurdity; ah, well / i can - unsurprisingly - recommend Le Guin's The Word For World Is Forest from title on down though; which isn't to say that too isn't sad, y'know but, well, i guess it's the consolations of fiction, right?


patzr radio eighty-six - Entrepreneur Tamara Patzer,

August 8, 2017

episode eighty-six / i'm not going to lie - this episode's been kicking about a while & i'm faintly terrified that i've already posted it under a different title / if i have, i'm confident it wasn't as a patzr radio episode / still, apologies; i almost deferred it *again* but, then that'd just be compounding the problem, right?


patzr radio eighty-five - née Plötz

July 29, 2017

episode eighty-five / dust, flecks of plaster / read Gammel's biography of Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven & started rereading Eve's Hollywood / plenty rain


patzr radio eighty-four - Users who spend money on products for kids or pets, and what kinds of pets

July 19, 2017

episode eighty-four / a pseudonym suggested (but not used) / the plaster fell off our back room ceiling last Thursday / Market capitalisation of major media brands


patzr radio eighty-three - tuneup

July 9, 2017

episode eighty-three / a crosswalk signal in an empty morning street / an orchestra tuning up / pseudo-notes of oceans and traffic // modes / of / w a i t i n g ! ! ! this installment of patzr radio was produced by regular special guest patzr & long time kipple friend otolythe [homepage | twitter | soundcloud] ! ! !




patzr radio eighty-two - Naglehout Zaglaniczny

June 29, 2017

episode eighty-two / i am away from devices atm / in post-solstice Scotland for the extended daylight, mainly / please don't use this as an excuse to break into our flat 


patzr radio eighty-one - ERROR checking entity

June 19, 2017

episode eighty-one / two days in to two weeks off / waking early in bright sun, eking out the evenings as best i can / certain fresh anxieties


patzr radio eighty - untitled [Northumberland Park, around nine this evening]

June 9, 2017

episode eighty / markets dislike uncertainty / everything crossed. i stayed up way later than i intended, a little dizzy on hope and surprise and, fundamentally, rum  / Marxists at large /


patzr radio seventy-nine - MEDIUM WHITE STACKER

May 30, 2017

episode seventy-nine / a pulse of some gloomy charm if you ask me / not even vague anxiety / The whole house applauded


patzr radio seventy-eight - happy Accidents (for Jon)

May 20, 2017

episode seventy-eight / schlepped to Darlington to chat & scheme; read about Kodwo Eshun's Nietzsche fridge magnet on the way back / poor selection of emojis at work / Strong and stable my arse.