patzr radio eighty-one - ERROR checking entity

June 19, 2017

episode eighty-one / two days in to two weeks off / waking early in bright sun, eking out the evenings as best i can / certain fresh anxieties


patzr radio eighty - untitled [Northumberland Park, around nine this evening]

June 9, 2017

episode eighty / markets dislike uncertainty / everything crossed. i stayed up way later than i intended, a little dizzy on hope and surprise and, fundamentally, rum  / Marxists at large /


patzr radio seventy-nine - MEDIUM WHITE STACKER

May 30, 2017

episode seventy-nine / a pulse of some gloomy charm if you ask me / not even vague anxiety / The whole house applauded


patzr radio seventy-eight - happy Accidents (for Jon)

May 20, 2017

episode seventy-eight / schlepped to Darlington to chat & scheme; read about Kodwo Eshun's Nietzsche fridge magnet on the way back / poor selection of emojis at work / Strong and stable my arse.


patzr radio seventy-seven - NATURE BUILDS NO TELEPHONES

May 10, 2017

episode seventy-seven / Inaccurate but not dishonest* / Today, I was reminded never to assume that two different versions of tar are fully compatible. / ¡No hay banda!



patzr radio seventy-six - untitled [beneath Byker bridge]

April 30, 2017

episode seventy-six / traffic and birdsong / or is it birdsong and traffic? / recorded on a bank holiday, as it goes


patzr radio seventy-five - necessary hashtags

April 20, 2017

episode seventy-five / a few hours oblivious of the snap election / crushing on Marder's Dust / Rest of cast listed alphabetically:


patzr radio seventy-four-b - untitled [rain in the backyard, from the bathroom window, 010417] (for Leon, on his incept date)

April 10, 2017

episode seventy-four-b / i mean, if all *this* doesn't, at some level, amount to a delirious obsession with details in art direction, what, exactly does it amount to? / i wish i could claim i'd realised today was Leon Kowlaski's incept date but i didn't it'll it started to crop up on my Twitter feed / & luckily i recorded a fuck ton* of rain that day /


*by which i mean to say about fifteen minutes


patzr radio seventy-four - untitled [rain & hail in the backyard, 010417]

April 10, 2017

episode seventy-four / let's be real - i would subscribe to a podcast that was just recordings of precipitation / &, feasibly, would make this podcast just recordings of rain if i wasn't so easily distracted / so, yeah, hmu with recommendations for rain-based media


patzr radio seventy-three - Lawyer, Stylist, Gemologist, Slot Guru, Nixon in China. (for Peggy, a day before her birthday)

March 31, 2017

episode seventy-three / a held tone, a pulse, a hiss / a dream of machines dreaming, maybe / grey spring so far